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New State Funding for Chlorinated Solvents and More

In 2015, a Site Cleanup Subaccount Program (SCAP) was created by Senate Bill 445 and administered by the State Water Resources Control Board. The SCAP program provides funding (grant/reimbursement money) for investigation and remediation of impacted groundwater cases. Application evaluation criteria focuses on degree of potential human health and environmental impacts for small or financially disadvantaged communities. This is a new and evolving program for which Pangea has applied for funding for several of our clients. Contact Pangea to see if your project may qualify.

UST Cleanup Fund Extended to 2026

In 2014, the passage of Senate Bill 445 extended the UST Cleanup Fund until January 1, 2026. The bill provided additional funding and also required the removal of single-walled USTs by January 1, 2026. Pangea Principal Bob Clark-Riddell assisted with bill support as the Vice President of CORE Environmental, Inc, a non-profit organization.

Vapor Intrusion Mitigation Systems (VIMS)

Recently, vapor intrusion concerns are a primary driving force for site cleanup for our clients’ development projects and dry cleaner/solvent sites. Pangea has designed and certified installation of VIMS systems to facilitate building occupancy, safeguard human health, and facilitate regulatory case closure.